In Need of Foundation Advice


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In Need of Foundation Advice

We are looking into building on to our home. The existing structure is on pier and beam. I am wanting to add on several rooms, but to start with, I want to enclose our carport, which will be rooms for the kids to start with and later our kitchen. The carport's floor is concrete, however we will be adding several feet on two sides of the carport as well, which does not already have a concrete foundation. I would like for the floors of all the additions to be at least 6-8" off the ground in case of flooding and to make any future repairs to plumbing and such a bit less of a hassle.

Now here is the problem. I'm not sure which is the best way of doing this. I'm looking for the cheapest solution, but not wanting to have to do a ton of maintance on it with each passing year.

Can anyone help with some advice?

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I think it's unlikely that the concrete patio is built to the necessary specs to support a house addition.

I would do this: Determine where new piers need to go for the addition. Where they fall upon the patio concrete, just break up and remove the concrete. Then excavate to the necessary depth and pour new piers. Then build your addition, and not have to worry about an inadequate foundation down the road. No reason to remove all the patio, just the part necessary to get new piers in.

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