Problems leveling subfloor with LevelQuik


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Problems leveling subfloor with LevelQuik

I'm about to lay down a wooden floor in my dining room, but first I needed to level the concrete subfloor. I've tried LevelQuik, but for some reason it's not working properly. It's not really self leveling. I needed to take care of some low and high areas so I figured might as well just cover the entire floor with a self leveler.

I've followed the mixing directions, poured, and spread with a squeegee. Then it just sits there and dries, leaving all the bumps and groves from when I spread it. It's not like I did this for a long time. I tried spreading it before it set (under 10 minutes)

Am I doing something wrong? I've gone from unlevel smooth concrete, to failry level, but bumpy concrete.

I'd like to smooth it out. Is there a better product to do this? I don't mind doing it by hand with a trowell, but this is turning out to be alot more frustrating than I thought it would be. Would this Ardex Feather Finish do the trick? Is it available at any retailer?

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"Self leveling" is a deceptive term and you're not the first to stumble on it. I've had to fix these botched jobs before, when the promised magic rendered a floor worse yet.

You'll want to take down the high spots, which are probably now the compound. Best if you can shear it off the original concrete with a wide mason's chisel. Grinding may be necessary. Dusty, that.

Use screeds when you re-level. Choice of product isn't so important as the lengths and straightness of your screeds. Most scrapyards set aside lengths of straight steel, which are perfectly acceptable tools for this job and cost next to nothing.
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I this morning I looked at the layer I put on yesterday and it looks like it just doesn't dry evenly. Some spots dry quicker then others and I get the unevenness.

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