framing concern


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framing concern

I have a large bathroom connected to a laundry room. The door way is almost 50" wide. I thought a pocket door would look nice and separate the two rooms. When i removed the particle board off the wall (not dry wall, weird) i noticed the framing above the door way looks wrong. there is a 2x6 spaning the inside studs, it is held up with metal L brackets and nailed in to surrounding 2x4s. above the 2x6 there are 2 2x4s that rest on the verticle studs. I need to remove the 2x6 so the pocket door frame will fit. Any opinions on if the 2x4s above are bearing any load? Whats the standard for door ways this wide? I think the 2x6 was put there to lower the door way.

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No way we can tell if this is a loadbearing wall. I agree that a door header held in place with L-brackets is odd. The 2x6 header ought to rest each end on a vertical jack stud. The 2 2x4s above the header are I think the standard top plate of your wall. What is above the wall? Second story? Attic? If an attic, you are going to have to go up there and look around to see whether the wall is supporting part of the ceiling or roof.

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