Loads on my 2 x 10 joists


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Loads on my 2 x 10 joists

I am renovating our master bath. I am enlarging the shower.It will have a poured pan, 2 glass panels 4' x 8' x 1/2", which will sit on a 4" to 5" curb.The other walls and ceiling of the shower will be 12 x 12 marble tiles roughly 65 sq ft. I am concerned about the weight on my joists. The house is 16 years old, and the joists are 2 x 10 16" on center. We originally had a prefab shower enclosure there. In addition the floor in the rest of the bathroom will be 12 x 12 tiles as well. I assume since they will be spread out over the entire bathroom, the weight will be ok. I want to feel a bit more confident so I thought I would ask the question here. The area under the kitchen is all finish, so having to add joists to this area might pose a problem. Can you give me your feelings.

Thank you

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Loads on my 2 x 10 joists

What is the size of the room and the joist spans?

You have two different criteria to be concerned with.

The first is the obvious strength for the span.

The second may be more critical and it is the deflection of the floor system. Excessive deflection can lead to cracks in the tle floor.

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loads on my 2x10's

Hi Dick,

Thanks for trying to help.The gross measurement of the room 12 x 11, and the joist's are running N&S, or in the direction of the 11' span.


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