Hello Everyone!!! And a floor joist question


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Hello Everyone!!! And a floor joist question

My first post here! Very exciting stuff.

We have a single story addition that I constructed about 5 years ago that we would like to add a second story to. I think I followed building codes for the ceiling framing knowing they would however fall short of codes for a second story floor. The space is 16'X20'. There is a doubled 2x6 center beam running the 16' dimmension down the center with 2x6 ceiling joists 16" on center running out from the beam to the exterior wall framing covering about 10'. I know the 10 foot length is about 2 feet more than code permits for a floor member that's 6" wide. Do the codes allow you to sister my 2x6 joists so they will come up to specs for the 10 foot span?? Is my 4x6 16' beam ok? I'm pretty sure it all passed inspection, our local building inspector is a pretty by the letter guy,...but that was for a ceiling. Any suggestions for options?
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I would contact your building inpector or permit section, rather then depending on what advice we would give you. To answer your question requires alot of information which we do not have, and neither is there room here for all that information. If you Inspector is a by the book guy, I would talk to him and do just exactly what he tells you. I already know what he is going to say, but I am going to let him tell you. Good Luck and Have fun.
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I've left several messages for the codes inspector but haven't heard from him. I guess I will. The answer is the make or break for this addition. If I only have to add to come up to specs, there's no problem but if I have to rip out and start again, it's a non starter.

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