Crawl Space Access


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Crawl Space Access

I know I've got some joist rot and sill issues to deal with. I don't have great access to crawl space so that I can get in there (either myself or w/ a contractor) to do a good exam and repair.

I would like to install an access door through the CMU foundation on the side perpendicular to the joists.

Anybody have previous experience with this? Best tools to use, tips of the trade,etc...I was thinking of going 2ft x 2ft opening. Thanks.
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You can do this yourself with a good Roto-hammer and a diamond blade in a skil saw, however, to eliminate potential telegraphing of vibration and further damage, consider having it professionally cut.
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short work for a rented power saw with a 12" segmented diamond blade. if there is mechanical in the subarea, make access wider. cut 1.5 inches above exterior grade if possible to prevent intrusion of water. watch for rebar, if suspected for any reason, use corb. blade.

Correct you moisture problem, treat all installed wood or use PT, older homes expect difference in material size and adjust accordingly.

If you don't get ALL the fungus rot and infection remove, expect more damage later. If you have standing water in the subarea anytime of the year, expect it sooner, especially if you have an uninsulated subfloor. If you don't correct the moisture problem, save your money and go to Hawaii it will be better spent.

If you have a wood destroying inspection service in your area,,, get one before you even start anything.

BTW its alot easier to cut a hole in your closet floor than chawing away at cmu and possibly rebar.

If you need to get lumber in the subarea, open a subarea vent and pass it in that way.

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