Kitchen Floor - Concrete Slab


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Kitchen Floor - Concrete Slab

I have an older house that has a 2' crawl space under the existing kitchen floor. I would like to remove the existing floor, backfill and pour a concrete slab for the new floor.

Question - what is the best compacting material to backfill with that is compatible with pouring concrete slab over.
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Pea gravel or river sand should work fine. More important than the material choice is proper compaction. Compact the native soil first, then cover with a 6"-8" layer of fill and compact thoroughly with power equipment. Repeat in layers until you reach desired depth for the pour.

I would also use both rebar and concrete mesh in the pour. The added cost for a kitchen sized area will not be great, and should make for better stability of the slab in the long run.
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...that's going to be a lotta concrete... 2' worth!!
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There shouldn't be 2' of concrete if it is backfilled. I wouldn't use pea gravel, as round rock doesn't compact. What I would do is put a base down of 4" minus for the first foot or so, then go with 3/4" minus for the last 8", then 4" of concrete on top of that. Like aq_guy said, compaction is the KEY! Do it in layers. I also agree where he says re-enforce it. But you should check with your local building dept. and make sure this is in fact doable, and obtain all the req'd permits. I personally have never seen a kitchen floor done like this. The initial problem I see is what are you going to do about the joists that you cut out that run under another part of the house?

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