Minimum Bottle Jack Size for Floor Jacking?


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Minimum Bottle Jack Size for Floor Jacking?

I've got to raise 3-4 floor joists in my bathroom to insure level subfloor for tiling. I'll be going a max of 1/2" most likely. Probably even less than that.

This is a one story house, and I'm intending to beam up 5 joists, raising the joists with a couple bottle jacks.

What would be the minimum ton size for the bottle jacks on something like this? Would 6-8 ton jacks be able to lift ok? Or would I need something far more substantial?

It doesn't seem like a huge amount of weight on the area I'm lifting, but I want to be safe.

Thanks for any input.
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My husband and I had to add in two rows of piers under our house and sister a massive number of beams - our house is a 1-story, 2,000 sqft.
we used 2 8-ton jacks and they worked just fine, we also used a 12-ton jack underneath the load-bearing walls, but for just a few beams under one floor I think two 6 or 8 ton jacks will be sufficient.

Bottle jacks are fairly inexpensive - we bought our two 8-tons from Pep boys for $30.00 each.'

We, also, found it helpful to use a 2x4 above the jack-plates, underneath the beams, to prevent the damaged beams from cracking while we lifted them to sister.

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