Reinforcing Questions


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Reinforcing Questions

My mom has a deck that she wants to make into a finished room.

The deck was part of the house when it was built in 1993.

They have a walkout, so it is appox 10 feet off the ground.

It measures 10 (out from the house) x 16(along the house) and has 3-6x6 cedar posts on the outside of the on each corner and one in the middle.

After my parents moved in, my dad (now deceased) put a roof over the deck and screened it in. Last year my mom had the screens replaced and windows installed.

She recently got some estimates to finish this off.

1 of the 3 contractors recommended using 'Simpson Strong Ties' to reinforce the posts and where other 2 corners where the deck meets the house.

He was concerned about a 'shear' problem and adding the added weight (drywall, etc) to the existing deck.

Due to the cost, she is not going to do the project. But I still would like to reinforce the deck/porch.

The corners (2 x 10 cedar) are attached to the posts with 16p nails and I think that is what the contractor was referring to about the 'shear' issue.

Now the question is this. I have seen alot of ties/brackets, but I was curious as to which ones to use and how to fasten them.

I saw some that would fit on the inside and looked like they fastened with special nails. Is that sufficient?

I was thinking about removing the siding and putting in come lag bolts into the posts...

What solution is best or adequate?

Now the 2 corners that meet the house is different.

The rim joists are just held together with nails into the ledger board. The regular joists have brackets...what is the solution here?

Thanks for an ideas or comments...
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One thing that stands out to me is the ledger board and rim board connection. When possible they should be connected using carriage bolts through to the inside of the structure, but where it is impossible or inaccessible, they should be lag bolted at regular intervals ( I use 32", but it varies). I have seen the results of what only nailing the boards can do, and it ain't pretty. I also carriage bolt my rims to my uprights.
IMO this should be corrected before any more planning takes place, as you don't have any shear strength.
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The ledger board is lagged to the band boards/rim joists of the house.

I am going to use 1/2 x 6 lag bolts on the posts and use a 4x4 block to lag to the house and then bolt the deck rims joists..


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