Sub-floor preparation for linoleum


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Sub-floor preparation for linoleum

Doing a complete kitchen remodel that includes a new linoleum floor.

The exisitng sub-floor is 5/8" plywood nailed into shiplap. (1950's construction).

After the old linoleum is removed I want to add a layer of plywood to even the floor for the new linoleum.

My questions are:

Type and thickness of plywood to use....


What type of screws should I use to fasten it to the existing sub floor. I also have a gallon can of ring-set nails that I would like to use up and wonder if the difference between screws and ring-sets is significant.


David J
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Just adding plywood to an uneven floor will not make it even if that's what you are trying to do or are you trying to raise the floor to match the height of an existing room?

Just you 2-3" wood screws to fasten to the joists.
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If the existing 5/8" plywood has just minor uneveness, would a trowel-on leveling compound even the floor up? I also do this after putting down new plywood as an underlayment.
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Uneven was probably a poor choce of words.

The existing plywood is level and in good shape. However, when I remove the old linoleum I assume that I will tear up the plywood a bit as I scrape the old glue off. I don't want any imperfections in the surface of the old plywood to telegraph through the new linoleum over time.

Raising the floor by 3/8" would even the transition to the adjacent room but is not something I have to do.

Sounds like a leveling compound might smooth things out if I don't damage the plywood very much when I remove the linoleum. If it is damaged, I can put down plywood and leveling compound. Either way I should renail or screw the whole floor.

Is 3/8" plywood as thin as I should go?

Thanks for responding

David J

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