how to raise floor


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how to raise floor

I want to raise my bathroom floor about 7 1/2 inches. It currently has tile floor. should I remove the tile and subfloor and then put 2x8 on top of existing joists or can I put right on top of the existing tile? That would save a lot of work pulling up old floor. How do I stabilze the joists that I add? If keep tile, I wouldn't know where the existing joists are located. Is it OK to build a "platform" on top of the tile with 2x8 perimeter and 2x8 16" OC?

I will have some plumbing issues but will post in plumbing section.

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You should tear everything out down to the floor joists and build from there up. This is going to be alot bigger job then you think. There will be alot more issues that will have to be addressed other then the plumbing. 7 1/2" is a long way to raise anything in a house. Good Luck
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Since Jack had the courtesy not to ask, I will. Why do you want to raise the floor 7"? This reduces your ceiling height to an untenable 7'5". You will feel as if you are in a small box when you are in there, not to mention all the other problems you will have to overcome, as Jack said.
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good question. My house is 107 years old. It has had several additions through the years. when you get to the top of the steps, there was a landing. Then you had to go up a step to left or right into the bedrooms. When an addition was put on, they put a bathroom at top of the steps, at the level of the landing. I am having major addition put on and these steps will no longer be used. One of the bedrooms will get new wall which will create a hallway and the landing has to be raised so you don't have to step down and then back up to get into other bedroom. This would leave the bathroom as a step down, which is against code. My contractor went belly up, so while I try to figure out what to do with the bulk of addition, I am trying to do some things myself. I would also be raising the floor in landing (only about a 3' x 3' area). And of course the door has to be raised. I have to check out where, if! there is header. this weight bearing wall with gable roof bearing down on it but it is 2nd floor so really only some roof load and drywall above. 107 years ago things weren't done exactly like they are now.

As far as ceiling height, you are correct, it will be low. But this room is under a shed roof that was added on with the addition. There is plenty of room to vault the ceiling as the room is right next to old house and under the high side of the shed roof. My entrance to my house has 7 1/2 ' celing height so that is not that bad. It is actually dropped for some reason. looks like was about 9' then they dropped it and put insulation insulation in the space. maybe done for energy reasons? Looks like still has original plaster on the 9' section, which I can only veiw with video camera shoved up there.


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