Concrete/sub-flooring ideas for livingroom


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Concrete/sub-flooring ideas for livingroom

HI all-
I live in a ranch in Florida. The home is on concrete slab. I'm a newbie-do-it-yourselfer, for the record. I was wondering if it is possible to just take up the carpet and finish the concrete below it. If I wanted to do a plain concrete floor, would I need to put down a layer on top or, depending on it's condition, could I use what is there? I know to some of you pro's, I may sound ridiculous but I thought I'd ask.
If anyone has suggestions or can point me to a good how-to place online, I'd appreciate it.

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Anything's Possible

You have numerous options, but you won't know what the slab looks like until you remove the entire carpet. Just pulling back one corner isn't going to be enough.

Being a slab, I doubt the finish on the concrete is anything spectacular, so you will be looking at a rather rough surface for a "finished" floor.

You could tile or use sheet goods or recarpet if the slab doesn't appeal to you once you get a good look at it. You might even consider an epoxy paint, similar to garage floor coatings (chips optional).
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If the carpet comes up easily, and the slab is in good condition, and you don't mind a lot of prep work to get the slab as clean as can be, you may consider an acid stain. I've seen it in several applications, it's easy to DIY, and personally I love the look. Stain once, put on a good finish coat, and the floor is virtually maintenance free.

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