Can this beam/joist be mended?


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Can this beam/joist be mended?

When I started tearing away the section of my flat tar carport roof that was leaking, then I happened upon this section of beam/joist that was located right up underneath the leak:

There were 2 ends of tongue & groove pine boards (of the roof deck) that met right here and were nailed into this section of beam/joist..

Unfortunately, the water also found this area as well..

Before I go having to make an attempt to replace this whole beam, then I was just wondering if you could use something like epoxy wood rebuilder to repair this section that is probably only about 12 inches of decay lengthwise along the length of the beam/joist...otherwise, the rest of this beam (about 13 ft. worth) looks to be in pretty darn good shape..

Is this section rebuildable and if so, will it be just as strong as the rest of the beam?
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Using wood rebuilder wood be a cosmetic repair and not a structural repair; in other words, you would not have fixed the weakened joist.

I would suggest sistering a joist of the same size to the side of the damaged joist, making sure to extend at least 4' past the damaged area each way. Use plenty of 12 or 16 penny nails every 6" along the sides, top and bottom, to tie the two together.

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