I-joists without supporting beams ??


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I-joists without supporting beams ??

I'm interested in a new housing project and today I went there to look at the houses being built right now. I noticed in the basement that the frame is made of I-joists but I didn't see any supporting beams. Is this normal ? Or maybe they will put the supporting beams afterwards ?

The house in a semi-detached single home with a basement + 2 floors + attic. The basement will be a garage + 1 room. So that's basically the basement supporting 3 floors. I am worried that this won't provide enough support.

The house is 20'x32', so I assume the I-joists are 20'.
Here are some pictures that I took. Am I missing something ??


Thanks in advance for the help !
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Pic won't load, but I don't think you're missing anything. I'm pretty sure that's the point behind these engineered beams is that they can span the full width of the basement.
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Google "I-Joists" and look for span tables for the manufacturer of these i-joists. You will need to know the height of the joist to use the span tables.

It did not appear that there was a treated 2x between the concrete foundation and the i-joists. Any wood touching masonry should be treated.
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I joists can span up to 30' they are more expensive than typical wood joists, but they eliminate the column and beam framing. the other drawback is depth. to go more than 20' you ususally need to be 12" deep and more. floor trusses achieve the same end, but provide duct chases. I will use floor trusses on my next house to eliminate columns. roof truss suppliers usually make floor trusses also.

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