Water Damage/Bathroom Remodel


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Water Damage/Bathroom Remodel

Hello................My husband and I bought our first house last summer, a small fixer upper. We need to rip out our shower/tub liner, because of water damage/mold to the area. A small area of the wall and floor on each end of the tub looks to be rotted out, and the window frame in the shower is so rotted out I can put my finger right through the wood. Because my husband isn't very handy, and we can't afford a contractor, I'm trying to do as much research as possible before we start ripping everything out. So, I'm hoping you guys can give as much advice as possible, to avoid me becoming a ranting/raving/nagging lunatic at my husband while we are attempting this DIY project. So, here are my concerns: I'm pretty sure that the wallboard behind the insert will have to come out, because of all the mold that runs out from behind it, and I have no idea about the condition of the joists/beams (whatever the're called). I have no idea how to reframe the window, or how to avoid it rotting out again in the future. I also want to remove the existing standard 60's cast iron nasty tub and replace it with an antique clawfoot (my husband rolls his eyes). I Would like to put up wainscotting from floor to ceiling around the tub, for a cottagey effect, and then just tile the floor. I'm wondering if the existing floor structure will be strong enough to support the clawfoot tub, that is after I figure out to what extent the subfloor is rotted from the water damage. Okay, I know this is alot to address, but I'm desperate for info. I'm not so concerned about any of the cosmetic issues, I'm sure I can figure that out. I'm more concerned about the subfloor/wall/window casing issues. Any help would be SO appreciated, and would probably save my husbands sanity. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this has to be done in a weekend;(. Thanks so, so much!!!!
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Set realistic goals, a weekend??? Please understand that it will probably take longer than that and plan to be without those facilities during the remodel.

Take pictures of the framing on the window after the wall tile has been removed. Duplicate the framing when you replair and you should be fine. You may end up having to replace the window as well, so plan for that contingency.

Are you planning on eliminating the shower alternative all together? Claw tubs are basically free standing units. To make it so you can shower, you will have to get a shower curtail ring and a faucet with a shower handle on it.

The rest of the damage will have to be looked at when the demolition is completed.

BTW - choose your priorities, for the price of a claw tub, you may be able to hire out much of the demo and rough carpentry. You will just have to make some tradeouts to meet your budget.
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It sounds like a BIGGIE

You need someone in the field to do a site survey. It's going to cost some $$$$$$$$$$. What you don't see, will get into your wallet. Stop the water leaking is important. Understand the entire project, before proceeding.OB

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