Beam support


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Beam support

In our new construction home that we built, we noticed the beam slightly sagging in the livingroom ceiling.Someone told us a little sag is normal.My husband is worried about it. He would like to put a beam up across the livingroom ceiling, but we would like it for looks and support.We love the knotty pine look but was told that this is not good support.Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help!!!
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You have to find out of this is a load bearing part of the house. If it is, you need proper support. I would say any kind of a sag is NOT normal. I just went through a nightmare with a contractor for that very thing. If you have a span that is or should be load bearing, you need proper support. I would have an inspector or engineer look at it to be safe.

Good luck!
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the maximum allowable "sag" varies based on type of load (roof, snow, floor, etc.) as well as span. call a structural engineer and they will be able to tell you if the beam is okay, or if you need to add a beam. quite a bit more info is needed to reply with anything useful.

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