Flooring to help with energy conservation?


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Flooring to help with energy conservation?

I was wondering if there was a particular type of flooring I should consider, for my energy efficient house I'd like to build.

I was thinking of something that would absorb the heat throughout the day, and give it off at night.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Look into passive solar designs. One book I just read described a thick concrete floor in front of the south-facing windows, but you can also put in head-absorbing walls and paint things dark colors as well. But the windows and overhangs and landscaping have to be oriented properly in order for it to work right. Granted the book was selling passive solar to the reader, but in some locations simply using sound passive solar designs can all but eliminate heating and cooling bills.

Also look into radiant floor heating for other parts of the house, which is expensive to install but can be terribly efficient. However the home needs to be designed with this in mind up-front - retrofitting is often prohibitively expensive.

Our home (or rather the hundreds of trees between us and the winter sun) is not optimal for that kind of thing so we are doing cork flooring to keep our tootsies warm and dampen sound. Plus cork is a totally renewable material - even harvesting it does not damage the tree! In addition it does not reflect sound. Carpet is the only other material that does all this, but my allergies and our four eternally shedding pets has us removing every stitch of carpet.

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