flooded home


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flooded home

my sister was visiting us yesterday when she received a call that due to the heavy rains in west texas yesterday, she has about 12" of water in her home as does about 100 others. her first question to me was what can she do to save her floor etc. this is an older pier and beam type home with wood floors. there is a creek behind her that has risen so i assume there will be some silt also. how do you save the floor and what other issues should she expect from this flood? i have general idea, but would like to hear from the pros.

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I have never seen hardwood floors that you can save when they have that much water on them. She will have to replace them. All sheet rock should be cut out at least two feet high. Cabinets should have holes drilled into them at kick plate and fans placed their to help dry them up. The most important thing is she needs to dry this up very quick.
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flooded home

Pull out all wall insulation as soon as possible. The insulation will hold moisture and be a great start fo mold, especially in warm weather.

Do not try to dry and save the insulation. - It is worthless.

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I am presently dealing with 6 homes with at least 4 feet of water damage in the basements. Here is what I did. Pumped all basements, put in large dehumidifiers, fans, opened windows and started getting air into them. Stripped all walls up to the ceilings and took out all insulation. They will remain is this state for approximnately 3 to 4 months to make sure all wood is dry. We also spray the basement floors and walls with 2/3 Clorex bleach and 1/3 water mixture. We will spray them about once every 3 weeks, until we are ready to rebuild the basements. Thats how it is in a flood. It is not a cheap deal. Her wood floors are history. Sorry about that. One more thing I forgot to mention.
Anything that was sitting on the floors must be thrown out, or should be thrown out. Washer, Dryer, furnace, AC, and if any water got into the electrical parts, your local State or County may require and electrical inspection. Another costly deal.

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