Real structural support or not?


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Real structural support or not?

I'm currently in the middle of rennovating my garage...putting up siding, painting, insulation, loft, flooring. In order to put up my loft, I need to remove the five 2x4s that run across my garage and sit on the headers on the high side and then on the headers and attach to the trusses/joists on the other side. I also have a couple of 2x6s that run the length of the garage. These go into the wall on one end a couple of inches higher than the headers. On the other end they are also a couple of inches higher than the headers and are just nailed to some verticle 2x4s that frame the gable.

So, my question is whether or not these actually provide any structual benefit. One guy told me that they absolutely have to be there. Someone else told me that they are only there because they provided support when the house was being framed but once the roof trusses were in place, they don't really do anything except give the electricians a place to run conduit.

I'd prefer to go without these but am not sure. Neither of the guys I spoke with were carpenters so I wanted to ask here.

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OK, I am a card carrying carpenter (well no cards, here), and these members are necessary to keep the building from swaying. Collar ties, cross bracing, etc. is installed during the beginning of construction, but I'll bet if you call your local inspector out and let him give an opinion, he would concur that they need to stay. And HE is the one you have to satisfy in the end. Good luck with your project, and let us know if we can help further.

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