What material is mobile home flooring?


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What material is mobile home flooring?

As the title says. I don't mean the carpet, tile or lineoleum. I mean under all that, what is it that we're walking on?

I ask because my shower stall apparently has a small leak in it somewhere. I noticed today that is sagged when I stepped in it and right in front of it when I stepped out of it, the floor sagged/depressed as well. Apparently this has been a problem, for a bit and just not noticed.

Anyway, I'm looking at maybe replacing it myself. I am good at following directions and working things out, I just have to know what I need.

Thanks in advance for the information. If more information is needed such as make, year, etc... let me know and I'll find it. I'm wasn't sure if it'd be pertinent or not.
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Depends on when and who made it.

Most likely, given your description, it's particle board which is notorious for not responding well to water. Could also be OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood.

You won't know for sure until you pull up what's covering it.
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The majority of MH sub floors are 5/8" particle board. You will need to tear out the bad to know for sure. Since particle board swells after it starts to deteriate from moisture you will need to measure thickness where it hasn't been damaged.

Removing the shower will be the hardest part. Basically just tear out all the bad flooring and replace. it is often helpfull to add 2x's to the floor joists where needed so you have an easier time nailing in the new floor.
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Thanks guys... I've been looking at the shower and it does like it will be a pita to remove.

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