Sub flooring squeeking


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Sub flooring squeeking

I have a carpeted 2nd floor master bedroom with particle board as the subfloor. A few years ago, we purchased bedroom furniture which is a solid heavy cherry wood and within a year we starting having a very noticeable squeek when we walk into the bedroom. I pulled up the carpet and screwed 2 1/2 inch wood screws every 2-3 inches into the joists. No noticeable improvement. It is getting worse and actually seems to be spreading into the upper hallway.

I know the problem is the particle board but unforunately it is throughout the entire house as a subfloor. Any suggestions to try before I remove the particle board and install plywood?

Thanks, Dave
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Its a shame that you went through all that trouble putting in all those screws and now still have a problem.If the squeek is in one general area , there is a good chance that individual boards are beneath for the subfloor and one of them has a nail that went into a joist that has loosened up and possibly that particular joist has a week spot in it maybe right underneath where the loose nail is,(possibly) or your screws are pulling right through the partical board and now they are doing the squeeking( tough to say with out seeing it).Best bet is do what you can afford take out the particle board one room at a time or even one sheet at a time , and remember where your squeeks were, because you will need to step on these spots when the particle is out of the way.Then decide if you need to cut deeper into your floor,if so, besure to locate joists before cutting and cut down the center of the joists so you will be able to have a nailer when closing it up after repairs are made if needed.
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Squeaking Floor Throughout the House

I too have the same situation but my problem is throughout the house. I recently replaced the carpet in my hallway with tg wood flooring. When I pulled up the carpet, I noticed the the underlayment being used was the partical board. I was able to pinpoint the area(s) of the squeak(s) when I removed the carpet, but failed to fix it (I assumed that the padding and the new flooring would silence it ). My question is this "Is the partical board underlayments prone to start squeaking after time and should I replace it all with plywood/cement backerboard?" I plan to do some ceramic tiling in several other rooms and would like to know the best solution. I know there are many reasons/causes of a squeaky floor I but find it hard to beleive the actual subfloor is the cause throughout the whole house. Your thoughts

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