Venting for space under subfloor


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Question Venting for space under subfloor

I'm building a 24' x 25' woodworking shop in my basement. I sealed the concrete floor with Sunnydry waterproof. I then installed 2" x 2" PT furring strips 16" apart the width of the shop. Ran electrical wiring for floor outlets. Installed 3/4" T&G Sturdifloor subfloor.


Before I install the last of the subfloor, I'm trying to decide between running the subfloor all of the way to the concrete retaining wall or leave ~6" between the end of the subfloor and the concrete wall. The purpose would be to allow any moisture that might build up under the subfloor to have a place to vent. I will be installing 2 x 4 framing on top of the subfloor to be covered with either sheetrock or pegboard. If I leave the 6" gap, I will build the wall 6" from the wall also, anchoring it to the concrete wall in strategic points.

Any value to having a way for the space under the subfloor to vent? I have never had a water problem ... just trying to be cautious ... maybe overly so.

I hope all of this makes sense.

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I know its to late now. you should have took and tape down a 2ft X2ft poly on the floor first and see how bad the moisture is in the floor. Then put a 6 milpoly over the whole floor then the wood 2x on top of that. for now Id take the floor to about just 1 " off the walls. that will work as a vent there

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