Roof truss repair question


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Roof truss repair question

Hi I am repairing some stained ceiling sheetrock in my garage, and after removing some sections of it I realized there is more damage.

First the leak in the roof has been found and repair, so there should be no more water penetration.

Now I can see the water leak has been there for a long time as the end of the truss were severly damaged. The end of the joist and rafter meet and they rest on the concrete block wall as shown below:

Now there is a truss every 24" or so but one of them directly below the leak is damaged very badly. If you look at the image attached, the section labeled "C" in green when I pushed it just crumbled. Now the good news is that the roof is still up and it has been like this for years this truss has
not been supporting it's share of the load for a long time now. The ends where it is rotted away is about 12" or so in length.

I went up to the attic and tried to see if it's possible to remove "A" and "B" completely and put new lumbers in but this is going to be near impossible with all the AC duct work running across, electric conduits nailed along it, ceiling hi hats and fans etc...and very tight space.

So what I plan to do is to get two 12' 2x4s. I plan to put one adjacent to the rafter and one adjacent to the joist for almost the entire length. The question is now should I attach the two?

Should I drill a hole every 18" or so and insert large (1/2") bolts through both and tie them together?

Or should I use some sort of structural glue/epocy to glue both together?

Or should I use those galvanized steel tie/straps to nail them together?

Or all of the above?

I also plan to insert some vertical wood members between the new sister rafter and joist.

Or this is all wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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I would use bolts, but I would use 3/8" bolts, and one about every 2'. Between the bolts I would nail with #16 framing nails. One nail staggered about every 6". You could use some glue also if you want. I am not a glue type of guy.
Hope this helps. Good Luck
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I would use PL400 instead of glue. A far better choice

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