Is the framing wrong?


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Is the framing wrong?

Hello. In my garage I have a trap door that leads to the attic. Since this is a 2 story house, this is kind of like a 1st floor attic. While looking around, I noticed light shining through from the outside. Now I know that there are some holes in some pieces of lumber just under the eves (for letting air in) but this was in a different area. It seems as if the house has not been "enclosed" properly. Is this normal? Thanks
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It may not be normal, but worth looking into. Garages, notoriously are not light or air proof, so you would have to track down the leak and let us know where it is. Now, you will probably see light coming from the ridge vent as well with the attic light on, but that would be normal.
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Just for the sake of covering myself, I would look into it but seeing light is normal. Just so you know, NO attic space is supposed to be air proof, this would be bad. Attic ventilation is usually determined using 1/300 the square footage of the attic space, giving you a number in square inches of required ventilating surface. Air changes per hour is another requirement you can come across. You will then typically split this required surface area between soffit screens and either ridge vents or pot vents. Like chandler said, you may see light coming through any of these three types as they are perforated and well, light penetrates. Just take a walk around your house and see if any of the soffit vents are missing or if there are any areas where water could potentially leak in. Just keep in mind your attic is not supposed to be "sealed" off. Water proof yes, air tight no.

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