Screw Jack Question


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Screw Jack Question

I just put a screw jack underneath the house. I put the bottom on a solid half block, and I was wondering how/ if I need to attach the top. There is minimal load on the jack right now, but I would like to know before there is more.

Also part of the problem is that it is supporting a girder, which is three 2x8s. Unfortunatley the pre drilled holes in the top plate line up in the gaps of the girder, so I can't nail it.
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It needs to be attatched to keep the jack from being knocked out of place. Cut a piece of 2x6 longer than the plate on the jack, put it between the plate and girder, attatch the 2x6 to the girder then the plate to the 2x6. The 2x6 being longer than the plate allows you to attatch it in a different location than the pre-drilled holes in the jack plate.

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