bathroom subfloor patch


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bathroom subfloor patch

While doing the prep work to tile my bathroom floor I found a rotted place in the subfloor next to the tub. It's less than a foot square but goes through the 3/4 inch underlayment and partially through the subfloor. Can I patch this with a patching compound instead of replacing the piece of underlayment? I plan on using hardibacker over it with a heating mat between that and the tile. Using a patching compound would be alot easier if possible. Thanks!
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A lot of things would be easier, but if the joist is compromised, why would you want to "patch" it?
Wood is cheap. Cut out the 3/4 ply section, double the joist and splint it to the old one and pop in a new section of 3/4. You'll be glad you did.
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Actually, the joist isn't compromised. But the area is in the corner and using a circular saw isn't an option. I reckon I could chisel it out, but a patching compound could neatly fill the space (approx. 1 1/2"-2" deep) if that's an alternative. I was thinking the cement backerboard over it would stabalize it.

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