uneven subfloor after using SLC


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uneven subfloor after using SLC

Completely redoing an 8x4 bathroom and will be ceramic tiling the floor with 12 inch tiles. We tore up the old tile and cracking concrete underlayment. Started fresh over the floorboards by screwing down plywood then applied thinset and screwed down 1/4 inch concrete backerboard. At this point we did a quick level test and noticed that the floor sagged as much as 1/2 inch in the middle of the floor. We proceeded to mix up 50 lbs of self-leveling compound and poured it onto the floor, moving it around with a trowel to feather the edges as best we could. Not impressed at all with the "self-leveling" aspect of it as it left some noticeable hills and valleys although it mostly fixed the general sag. So the question is....can we tile over this and try to cure the uneven parts with the thinset or should we go with another round of possibly wetter/thinner SLC and hope for better results? Thanks!
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Hey- I've had reasonable success using the thinset to level the floor over minor irregularities-- it's common practice I believe. Find the highest existing point with your level and use that as your control point. If the variations are greater than 3/8" or so I'd think about floating it again with a thin mix of SLC; it does need to be pretty fluid to level on its own and if it gets too thin (maybe <1/8") sometimes it just cracks. Good luck, Steve

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