Mold inside walls


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Exclamation Mold inside walls

I recently found a leak in my basement BR. It apparently had been a problem before I bought it and the inspector didn't catch it. After pulling the toilet and vanity, the drywall was blackened in areas. I tore it out to see the framing behind and noticed the bottom wood was molding. Is this something I would have to replace or just clean very well. Also, can these pieces be removed and replaced, and how hard would it be to do? How would I support the vertical wood to pull the damaged pieces out?
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Hey I just went through something similar and the advice I got was if you wanna be sure replace. You can get some mold killer chemical at the hardware store and wash it but if it has been a long time I might replace. My issue was caught with in a month or so. As for replacing the wood if it is not a bearing wall ie: holding the floor joists or main wall it should be no problem other wise you need to shore it up with screw jacks which are nice or if unavailable then just some temp wood 4 x 4s. Oh 1 more thing about the mold I was told by a pro mold guy that I shouldn't use bleach for some reason but that was what I was always told. Good Luck.
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If you have resolved the moisture problem, just kill the mold with a solution of bleach 25% in water, and button 'er up.
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Did the framing dry out? Mold normally needs at least 75%relative humidity to begin moderate growth. And 60%+ to sustain growth. Do you have access to a moisture meter?
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Yea during the summer the humidity is about 60% but now during the winter it is very dry about 35%.I cannot smell it but who knows right. Thanks for the replies all help Happy New Year All !!!!
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I'd leave the wood and just kill the mold as chfite suggested.
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home depot sells a product called concrobium specificlly for this app. stuff works great, spray on, walk away

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