Saging Subfloor Or Maybe Not?


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Saging Subfloor Or Maybe Not?


I have suspected that my floor on my north and south side of my living room were sagging. My living room is a large rectangle, and the floors at the two wall oposite each other are one inch lower the the center of the room. I looked at all the joists underneath the house and was supprised to find they were all at the same exact level, exept for one in the livingroom wich was actually an inch higher. The foundation on my home was redone shortly before I moved in, and basically what I am concluding is that when they installed the new piers, they possibly made some too high, and the living room floor are not actually saging at the walls, but one of the joist is higher the all the others causing the unleveling. Does this ever happen? and what is the remedy?
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Joists are not always the same simension, especially in older construction. If that is the case, they may be the same elevation on the lower side but higher/lower than each other at the top. To be certain about the irregularities in the floor a laser level, transit, or string line would be helpful.

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