Preemptive apologies...Unlevel floor


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Preemptive apologies...Unlevel floor

This is my first post, so I apologize for nything that may have already been covered.

Here is the scenario...I bought a bungalow in Southern New Jersey. Not moved in yet, closing was about a week ago. The house has a cinder block foundation and an unfinished, full basement (low headroom...maybe 6'). On the front of the house is an added porch, that is finished with windows and heat vents, carpet, etc. My assumption is that under the carpet is just plywood. There is access to the underside of this room via a door in the basement.

At the rear of the house is an old porch that was turned into a washer/dryer room. The floor of this room slopes away from the house (as porches do). This room also has added to it a finished cinder block foundation.

Question is: Is there any efficient way to make this floor level so it does not have that feeling of sloping away from the house.

Again, my apologies for this if it has been previously covered. And thanks for any help you provide.

Linwood, NJ
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In an easy world you would get under the floor with a jack and raise the low end until level, then shim, or secure in place. This will only work if the floor can move independent of the walls, for instance if the joists are either pocketed in the block, or hanging on a ledger on the face of the block.
Otherwise, you will need to cut tapered sleepers to place over existing joists, or, scab 2x material to joists holding one end up to achieve level. Sleepers will raise the floor level overall unless you remove the existing sheathing and at that point it would be much easier to use the scab method.
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Depending on the size of the room and the slope of the floor you may be able to use one of the self-leveling compounds such as

and adhere resilient flooring to it.
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Guys, thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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