Howto: Replacing a subfloor board?


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Howto: Replacing a subfloor board?

How do I replace a water-damaged subfloor section?

I have 3/4" boards over 1/2" boards. I assume it is OSB. The water damage is from an old slow leak from the washing machine. The existing piece is bowed up pretty good and flexes down under your foot.

I do not know what condition the 1/2" piece is in. I need to pull up the 3/4" piece without damaging the 1/2" piece.

Do I attempt to pull out the nails and lift the boards that way, or is there a trade secret out there that someone can share?

BTW, I am needing a flat surface for laminate installation.

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If the boards are just nailed down, you could adjust your circ saw to the depth of the board, cut around the area you want to remove, then pry it up with a pry bar.

If they're screwed down, you're.. well, you know. They gotta come out one by one.

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