Repair or replace subfloor section


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Repair or replace subfloor section

I have a small section of subflooring by the toilet that has dry rot and needs fixing. Don't know appropriate route to go (nor the extent just yet, will get under house and check). I've read about sistering boards, but not sure exactly what that means. Would that be adding a beam next to a rotted beam? My rotted section isn't a beam it's a 1x6. I'm guessing best route is to cut w/ circular, removed rotted section & replace, but want to confirm. Read something about fillers? If an option do I have to dig out all dry rot? I would think so, otherwise wood is squishy . . . pix is here on pg two of the journal section.

Okay, foray under house reveals the rot is quite minimal. Would prefer to be able to use some sort of filler, is this an option?


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No fillers - they're not structural, only cosmetic.

Replace the bad sections of 1x6. Make sure you start and end on the center of the joists below so the replacement board(s) and the existing remain supported.

Could also replace larger sections with 3/4" plywood or OSB.

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