Floating Floor Help


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Floating Floor Help

I installed a floating laminate floor recently. I have been having bug problems though since(bites all over my legs at night, but I have never seen one... I even set my alarm for the middle of the night and try to catch them... no luck). House is very clean, and I have never seen a spider or ant since being here(5 months now).

So I went nuts and caulked EVERYTHING... I mean every little inch of the room were there is a seem between any two things.

My question is this, in caulking the top of the floor moulding AS WELL AS THE BOTTOM, am I going to run into a problem with expansion with the floating floor? It is just a small bead of caulk on the bottom... So I am assuming any major movement will simply break that bond. Am I ok having that moulding caulked on the bottom and top?

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Do you have bats or birds or animals living in the attic? Many find an infestation because of something living in the attic. Mites in attics often move into homes when their host dies. If you have roof rats in your area mites can enter attic through cracks in soffit and fascia, around where pipes and wires enter the home, or other openings. If you have a crawl space something could be living there. Mites are difficult to identify because it requires magnification. Identification needs to be made. Place pieces of packing tape, sticky side up, on the floor by the bed and along walls to examine with magnifying glass. Sticky traps for insects are also available. A pest control professional can help with identification.


A visit to the doctor could be helpful in ruling out scabies, for which a special cream is prescribed.

Here is a link to lengthy discussions re: bites: http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/h...ect_bites.html

More mite info: http://www.birdmites.org/mites.html


If you replaced carpeting with laminate. Mites may have been populating in the carpet. If you used a flexible silicone caulk you should be fine with caulking. I would not begin caulking until identification of the pest is made and eradicated. Pests can be in wall voids. It's nearly impossible to seal off every potential entry for hungry pests looking for a host.
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