Framing to raise ceiling


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Framing to raise ceiling

I'm new to the forum. In an interesting twist of fate, we have ended up buying a house my uncle built in the late

The ceilings throughout are 8 feet, with the exception of the hallway and entryway which are 7 feet. I never liked the low ceiling growing up, and my wife doesn't like them either.

So, my uncle said he would take a weekend to raise the ceiling by adding new ceiling joists by bridging them over the hallway walls and attaching them to the other joists with a two foot overlap.

My dilema here is that a) I'm not dangerous enough to debate with him whether this is right or wrong since I do electical b) and he really wants to do this given he built the house

Pics attached so show what he's proposing. I'm ok letting him do the work, I (rather we) just want opinions on whether they are better options from a framing perspective.

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I don't see a problem with what your uncle is going to do.

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