can i raise my ceilling height


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can i raise my ceilling height

I have a 1 1/2 story house that was built in 1940, it started out as post and beam but now has a block foundation. It is ballon framed. The studs are 12'. the roof is 12 pitch with 2x6 rafters. I want to know if i can raise the ceilling height on the second floor. right now there is about 6' from floor to ceiling. the ceiling joist are 2x4. I would use 2x8 joist and would like to go up about 1 1/2' is this possible? the span between the 2 walls is about 16'
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The answer would always be yes. The real question is how much money do you want to spend. With these kind of projects it is best to go to a good qualified engineer, so he
can look at what you have and tell you what you can do.
Its easy to say what we would do but what will be approved by your building dept is what is important.

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