Help needed for raising the ceiling.


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Help needed for raising the ceiling.

I've posed this question on another forum, and haven't had any luck with an answer. Hopefully this one will work. I'm the owner (sometimes it owns me) of a 1950's ranch that we have been remodeling bit by bit for 9 years. I would consider myself extremely handy, having moved walls, removed walls, drywalled, done electrical, some masonry, replaced windows, laid hardwood and tile, done plumbing, etc... on a couple of houses. There isn't much I won't tackle, but I know when to hire the pros and when to ask for help. Heres's my next project, and I need some good advice. At one time the garage of my house was converted into a family room. It's about 18' by 18' or so with 8' ceiling, and 2 steps down from the kitchen, so when you step in from the kitchen on the top step a tall person would almost bump his head on the ceiling. A vertically challenged person like me simply finds it irritating to have the ceiling so close. We would like to vault the ceiling, but have received conflicting advice about how to proceed. The roof is a hip on the east, north and west and attaches to the main house on the south. 2x6 ceiling joists, no collar ties and 4 approximately evenly spaced 2x6's from the ceiling joists to the ridge beam. I have been told I could take the ceiling out and put in collar ties and sheetrock over, or I could take it out and put in a beam from the east wall to the west and sheetrock over the roof joists, and I have been told I could simply tear out the ceiling and sheetrock over the roof joists no problem. This is the only detail holding me back from beginning this project, and hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks for any help out there. Oh yeah, the roof pitch is 4/12 or 5/12. I can't remember which, and will only gain 3-4 feet in height. at the ridge.
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If you remove the existing ceiling joists before somehow supporting the weight of the roof, the rafters are going to push out at the bottom and spread your walls.

If that project was mine, and after removing the ceiling sheeting, I would probably make an upside-down "T" out of a fitted collar tie and a vertical piece to go up against the bottom of the ridge, then put it up in place next to the house and use a jack to put just a little pressure on the bottom-side of the roof while fastening it with glue, gusset plates and nails. After that, I would remove the ceiling joist directly below those installed parts and use it for the next collar tie. When I got to the far end of the room, or while on the way there, I would figure out how to re-frame the hip.
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If I were you: I would split the difference from ceiling to bottom of ridge beam and install collar ties and use this as your ceiling. Depending on how your hip ties in you could frame it back and create a tray cieling, done this many times, adding they tray helps leave room for insulation per code, just add baffles to roof to insure proper ventilation.

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