Want to relocate telepost.


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Want to relocate telepost.

House is a rectangle. There is a supporting wall upstairs down the center of house. A wooden beam - (3) 2x6s. With 5 evenly spaced teleposts on top of concrete pads downstairs.

Im pouring a new basement floor, and want to add a telepost, in order to shift an existing telepost over 2 feet. I want to move it in order to have french doors in the middle of a rooms wall.

X = 7 or so feet. (The space between all the teleposts.)

Heres a picture of:

Upstairs floor plan
Downstairs future floor plan
Downstairs future floor plan + added telepost and relocated existing telepost.

Is there anything wrong with this setup?

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Want to relocate telepost.

Make sure you have a good footing (24x24x8?) under the new posts before you pour the slab over them.

If you are not getting a permit and the free inspection that goes with it, you can be on thin ice!

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I imagine you are speaking of an older home? Run flat plate steel the distance/sister to help. If there is a joint above the column, yuck. Pin steel on both side. 2 feet shouldn't matter but I can not see what you see. Post pictures. It really helps. Cheers

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