floor problems


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floor problems

Hello, Hope someone can give me an idea about my unlevel floor. My house is an 80 year old multilevel home with 2 different additions that are only 40 years old, the house is on a slab and the kitchen addition seems to be sagging. From where the older part of the house and the outside wall of the kitchen. there is about a 3 inch drop. i want to put in a floating laminate floor. Can i jack up the outside wall and put a new beam accross the foundation?
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Jacking up a house foundation is typically out of the realm of the DIYer..... You end up with cracking walls, mis-matched surfaces - and the potential for future shifting/cracking/settling in the future if the new foundation setup doesn't match the needs of the project. I'd call in a structural engineer - and/or a company that specializes in leveling houses - if for nothing more than to get an expert's opinion of the scope of the problem/cure.

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