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50's Cape Cod, one-and-a-half-story. Load bearing?

50's Cape Cod, one-and-a-half-story. Load bearing?


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50's Cape Cod, one-and-a-half-story. Load bearing?

Hello All,

Below is a modified verision of my original post that I had posted in the "Walls and Ceilings" section of this website. I have had a number of responses from one individual, but if you have time, please refer to the post, "Raising Height of Doorway (load bearing)" in the Wall and Ceilings section. The responses are long, but your input is appreciated.

Below is the modified version of the original post (without the accompanying response threads):


After having searched a number of forums, I have decided to post here because I did not find my specific question. I think I know the answer to it, but I am hoping that I am NOT correct.

I live in a 50's Cape Cod, one-and-a-half-story, and I want to modify a doorway in what I believe may be load-bearing wall.

Currently, there is a doorway located at the end of the downstairs hallway. The hallway runs parallel to the roof ridge line, but perpendicular to the floor and ceiling joists. I would like to extend the end of the hallway beyond this doorway and, therefore, I would like to make a smooth transition from the old end of the hallway into the extension. To do this, I would like to remove the top of this doorway so that it is flush with the ceiling. Does that make sense to you?

I have knocked a hole in the wall above the doorway and have found that there looks to be (2) two 2 x 4's that are acting as headers, but are lying flat above the doorway. There are also three or four cripple studs connecting the two 2x4's to the top plate of the wall. The doorway is a standard 30" wide. Also, this doorway is both the end of the downstairs hallway and also part of an interior wall that runs nearly the width of the house. This wall is adjacent to the center staircase of the house and this wall runs parallel to the ceiling and floor joists.

I am concerned about taking out the headers and cripple studs. Should I just live with the fact that there will be a doorway (with no door) that will break up the transition from one hallway into the extension of the hallway?

Thanks for your advice,

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Re: "I ... have found that there looks to be (2) two 2 x 4's that are acting as headers, but are lying flat above the doorway."

This is not a load bearing wall. A load bearing wall would have been framed with at least 2 - 2x6's (or larger) on edge to carry the load. Flat 2x4's are not load bearing construction, period. Take out the whole doorway wall if you want.
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it's best to have pictures. A 30 inch opening in the 50s was no big deal running two 2Xs as a header on loads I imagine. I was not even thought of but, I am sure this can be re-engineered with a header the spanning the wall housing the ugly non-door doorway. Cheers

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