How to Find Metal Telepost in Finished Wall


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How to Find Metal Telepost in Finished Wall

To fix a problem with some walls on the main floor, I am trying to locate the metal teleposts in the basement. The problem is that the walls are all finished.
I have the blueprints which should show me exactly where they are and I have been able to locate 2 of the 3 I am looking for. I have cut 3 holes in looking for it and can't find it.
Does anyone have a foolproof method of locating them without cutting any more holes? I have tried 2 different stud finders and one gives a slight reading when I tested it over one of the other telepost locations, but nothing on the wall where the telepost is supposed to be.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Use a magnet suspended on a string, a magnetic stud finder, or a magnetic compass.
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measure the distance between the two that you have found. Also you may try a laser level to look for sag in the ceiling, the highest point will be where the column is located. You may try to remove the baseboard and put holes low that can be easily covered. A drill may aid in this as there will be either wood or metal shavings.....Cheers

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