Adding a closet wall into an open room


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Adding a closet wall into an open room

I have an existing bedroom without a closet. I would like to add a closet wall across the entire back wall (so it would just be a straight wall with closet doors from one side to the other). I know ideally, the end studs on the new closet wall should be tied into studs on the existing side wall. On one end, I think I can do that okay but on the other end I'm about dead center between the studs. The top plate will be solidly tied into perpendicular ceiling joists. One the wall where I can't hit an existing stud, I can tie the end stud of the closet wall into the top and bottom plate of the side wall. Is this going to be sufficient or am I asking for trouble?

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Are you trying to add this wall without opening the existing drywall on the side walls?

It's not that hard to cut the drywall on the side walls to the width of the new wall (place a 4' or longer level against the wall and mark both sides, then cut the drywall) and insert the needed studs in the side wall(s) to tie-in to the new wall. If you don't have an air nailer for securing these studs, use coated deck screws and an electric drill. Then screw the sidewall drywall to the new stud(s) and build the new wall.

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