question about metal framing


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question about metal framing

My basement is framed with metal studs. They framed the wall about 4 inches away from the concrete and used insulation and drywall. My question though is I noticed when I had to remove some of the drywall for some work was there is no firestops, it is just straight runs from the floor sill to the top sill. Now is firestops required in basements with metal framing, or better yet with metal framing at all?
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When you say "...they framed the wall about 4" away..." I am picturing a 4" gap behind the metal stud wall. That certainly can't be right, can it? It's more likely that the wall is 1/2" away from the foundation, meaning the face of the studs would be 4" away... just want to make sure I'm picturing what you are saying correctly.

I believe that in such a case in my area, fireblocking is not needed in a wall that is less than 10' tall. But framing inspectors would like to see fireblocking near the top of the wall in the space between the back side of the wall's TOP PLATE and the SILL PLATE on top of the foundation wall so that a fire inside the wall would not quickly spread upward between floor joists. And obviously any penetrations (wiring, pipes, etc) through the top plate would need to be also be sealed. In our area, fire rated expanding foam is an acceptable fire stop in such places.

Can't say if that would fly where you are located.
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Its alway best to just check with code. Where you are . So you have it right the first time and dont have to do it over. If like around here you can do one thing in one city but not in the next.
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on one wall it is 4 inches away, the rest are about 3 inches, so yes there is a gap between the insulated wall and the concrete wall. I have spoken to people about this wondering why and many people say it is to seperate the new insulated wall the concrete foundation which helps to avoid moisture and mold problems. I knock on wood have no mold.
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Yes check the code, and I always say (after the checking) if you feel uneasy about spend the hundred bucks buy the sealer and seal it, just for the piece of mind.

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