Trusses, collar ties and knee walls


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Trusses, collar ties and knee walls

I'm looking to get some proper ventilation in my attic, give the hvac a good roof over it's head and an score a bit of extra storage space at the same time.

What I have is Gable Roof
Queens Post (fan) trusses.
Roof is 12/8
2 x 6 rafters, 22" oc

So I'm thinking of putting up a 3' knee wall and a collar ties 5' up from floor. (total height is 6 1/2')
Insulate, either drywall or panel and add gable end vents.

I live in Canada, where we do get the snow thing happening.

Anyone think this is within reason?
Any advise or opnions would be greatly appreciated.

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if you have trusses, you don't need the knee wall(which will be hard to install given the 'W' brace) or the collar ties. is the HVAC in the attic? not really understanding what is going on here. are there NO vents in the attic now? post back.
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Thanks for you reply Mike,

Sorry, I didn't explain myself what I was trying to do.

The trusses are a V, with one up the middle.

I'm looking to remove all the trusses, and use the knee wall and collar ties. More or less, put a small insulated room up there.
A couple of the side trusses were removed when they installed the hvac in the attic (it was previously in the crawl space). As you can imagine, There's a problem with snow melting and ice dams.

That's right...there are no vents in the attic. No softit, no ridge, and no gable end - no ventilation. No clue why nobody put them in there. The hvac is vented outside.

A few other things....
Single storey house, 70+ years old, 22' floor span, 1" x 6" trusses.

Hope I covered it all.....

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