Hey guys need a little help.


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Hey guys need a little help.

I'm working on a big shop and could use some advice. I have a client who has a storage facility with an office in the corner. He wants to put up a twin office adjacent to the preexisting office. How would I frame the lid on the office with there being three existing walls. The shop height is 16 feet and the office lid height is 8 foot meaning I need to frame in a lid to be even with the office that is preexisting to the next wall which is already finished. There is also drywall on the three preexisting walls meaning all in need to frame in for walls is a front face with a doorway. Thanks for your replies
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Frame the wall(s) first just as you would the exterior side wall of a house. Then add ceiling joists strong enough to allow storage on top of the office if desired.
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after the wall is being fraimed in how would I go about running the ceiling joists from one preexisting wall to the preexisting wall in the adjacent office. I was suggested to screw on a 2x6 on both walls using 4 in. screws to tack on the ceiling joists with. I don't know if that would be up to code. the room is 12x16 ft.

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I don't know if that would be up to code. the room is 12x16 ft.
It would help to just call code and ask what they want there first.
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What kind of shop?

Do you need fire rated sheetrock, and a fire-rated steel door on outer NEW office wall?

Does existing office have sheetrock ceiling or drop ceiling?

Does the current office wall that is common with the shop go all the way up to the ceiling as a fire barrier?, or does that office wall common with the shop only go to the 8 foot height?
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It's a steel welding shop. Nope we're just using half in. drywall on the lid and walls. The existing office has eight foot walls with a an eight foot lid finished with drywall. the office is on one corner of the storage facility and he wants pretty much a twin office right next to it spaning from the outside office wall to the shop wall. Both walls are finished and I don't know if I would need to frame in two walls next to the preexisting walls or if I could get away with connecting the ceiling joists to the preexisting walls. Thanks for your time guys I'm listening.

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