skeleton floor


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skeleton floor

we're trying to turn a (poorly) closed in garage into a bedroom. the concrete floor is extremely uneven; i'd like to think that this was for drainage purposes but there are no drains in the room. over the span of the floor there are places that are probably 3" differences in heighth. i'm sure that it was poured this way and hasn't settled to be uneven because the floor is in great shape (no visible cracks). how do we frame around the floor and create a skeleton floor to even out the floor over an uneven floor? i'm not a carpenter but am working on a tight budget so i'm just trying to get the concept to see what i'm working with here. what is the proper term for "skeleton floor". i've done searches online but nothing is coming up.
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Garage Conversion

How much difference in floor elevation between the garage and the rest of the house?

Find the highest spot in the garage floor. All the joists will be installed so as to be shimmed up level with this spot. (It is easier to raise the joists than to lower them.)
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Hi Rod and welcome to the DIY Forums!

Excellent advice from Ken, so I'll just reply to your question about the carpentry term...

Placing wood on the floor in this fashion is known as installing sleepers.

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Red face thank you

thank you so much connie and ken! the floor is about 2 feet lower then the rest of the house...we were going to install steps going down into the room.
i believe the highest point on the floor is 2 3/4" higher then the lowest point but i need to measure again.
do i need to install any kind of barrier between the shimms/ 2x4's and the concrete to prevent mold growth or will that be necessary with treated wood?
i'm going to do some homework on the sleepers. i'd love to do this myself.

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Vapor Barrier

Install a 6 mil poly vapor barrier on the concrete first. Run a rim joist around the perimeter. Then install the floor joists. Start at the high point and maintain level as you work around the room. Glue or nail shims so they will stay in place. A comfortable step height is 7 inches. You may want to keep this in mind as you decide the height of the top of the joists. Good luck with your project.

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