second floor bedroom floor sagging


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second floor bedroom floor sagging

I own a 120 year old house with balloon framing.
I'm redoing all the upstairs bedrooms.
One of the second floor bedrooms has a signifacant sag towards the middle of the room but also it's right at an outside wall, where the floor joists meet the wall. any suggestions on how to fix this? I assume I'll have to jack up the floor from downstairs, but how can I support it without doing alot a damage to the dining room downstairs?
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Don't the floors below, also sag the same amount? Or do you think someone may have leveled those once, but did not level the ones upstairs? Old sandstone foundation sunk over the years? Any signs of any new cracks caused by the sags? Or has perhaps new sheetrock overlay work masked this?

I've dealt plenty with these old houses like this. We call them "crappers".
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lol, I guess I should've known what I was getting myself into, but I'm up for the challenge.

The bottom floor isn't sagging and I don't see any signs indicating that it has been leveled in the past. In the basement under the area there isn't any added support members or jack stands. It looks pretty straight and level in the basement. But I have noticed on the outside of the effected wall, some bowing, but only on the first floor.
As far as the foundation, I don't see any cracks, but there is some kind of decorated mortor overlay to make it look like block or stone, under the overlay is regular brick. So there very well may be cracks covered up.

btw thanks for the reply, any advise very much appreciated.
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I love "crappers" , so to speak - they're a real challenge. Obviously, you're prepared to do the ceiling/floor demo work to correct your sagging second story floor. For one reason or another, your joists have dropped (cracked joists??) As it's the middle of the room, that would be my guess... or something similar. The first floor should support the repair work - assuming you make sure you spread out the load well (base 2X's -double or triple stacked - stretching to cover multiple floor joists under your jacks. Obviously, the object is to spread the load out as much as possible - keeping your jacks (note the plural) from loading just one or two floor joists.... Added insurance would be to support the first floor from the basement floor also... Can't be too safe.... and trying to save a penny here and there can cost dollars - big time!!

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