Need help with joists and support beam project


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Need help with joists and support beam project

I have an issue with a sagging floor that on further inspection requires the two support beams (each 3 nailed up 2 by 8s 40' long) to be replaced. 24' of each beam is in a crawl space that has had significant moisture issues and the bottom of the posts, beams and joists have decay. The decay is heavy in the posts and beams and extends to the bottom 1/4" - 1/2" of most floor joists. There are currently two beams (7'6" from each side wall) with the ends set into pockets in the end cement block walls. The beams extend through one block wall into a basement and do not require replacement beyond the area of the crawl space as the basement did not have the same moisture problem. The floor joists are 2 x 8 two different lengths. One side has 8' long joists resting on the first beam. The other side has 16' long joists going across the second beam and resting on the first beam.

If I install the new beams first I will crush the bottom of each joist when I jack up the new beams. From what I can tell you are supposed to sister in new joists after the floor has been leveled. The space above is mostly one big room so I would have access to a little more than half of the space from above if I removed the sub-floor, which I may replace anyhow.

Should I treat the current wood with anything before sistering in new joists ?

Should I install shorter joists rather than trying to get 16' joists ?

Suggestions on how I should go about fixing this ?
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Picture of crawl space

I've added a picture of one of the beams that needs replaced.

<a href=><img src= alt="Free Image Hosting by"></a>

You can see evidence of the cause of the problem on the block wall in the background.

I'm going to dive right in and try to fix this starting this weekend.

Thanks for looking and any advice I can get will be appreciated.

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