Supporting exterior wall for removal


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Supporting exterior wall for removal


I'm going to build out from the back of my house to open up the kitchen, so I need to remove approx 15 ft of exterior wall. I've had a structural engineer spec the size of the header. My question is how do I support the above second floor when the ceiling joists run parallel to the exterior wall? Its a very old house and has modified balloon framing, so essentially I've got 2x4's running to top plate with 2X4's running to attic/roof. The sheathing is what looks like 1X8 wood running in diagonal strips. From what I can figure out somehow I need to support all of those second floor 2X4's while I remove the ground floor ones to place the header then have them rest on the new header. I also would like the bottom of the new header to be even with the current ceiling joists so I won't have the beam exposed. Thanks
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It can most likely be supported from inside, but I would consult the same engineer that speced the beam. I would depend on what is under the floor as well as what you are supporting. Is is a gable end or an eve end???
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Its an eve's end I guess. I assume gable would refer to the higher part of the roof? The joists for the ceiling of the first floor are 2X10 lumber.
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if the upper floor joists are running parallel to the wall you want to remove, then the primary support for the second floor is not in this wall. not to say that it is not supporting, but only the attic/roof. there should be a band/joist at the wall in question and nailed to the baloon studs. i would build a support wall there to cover the area to be removed and then remove whatever siding is on the outside, add a ledger board above where you want the hidden header to be, and support it from the outside as well. better safe than sorry.

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