Replace support wall with beam


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Replace support wall with beam

I am considering removing a 20' supporting wall in my home to have a larger living room. The house is a two story and this wall supports the up stairs support wall to the roof, my question is what is the best thing to replace it with to have the full span with no posts and minimal amount of beam hanging out of the ceiling, they are only 8' high
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I did one with another carpenter once and if I remember correctly, he used 2 two by twelves nailed together. They were special order.

Since you don't want to use somethng that large, consider a steel I-beam instead.
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you're definitely going to need to go LVL or even steel. (2) 2x12s won't do it, that i'm sure of. what i would do is use a 2 ply 1.75x18" LVL (assuming the loads conditions require that deep of a beam, and the span being 20' i bet it does). Then that beam can be placed inside of the upstairs wall, and the joists cut and hung from the beam. this would make the bottom of the beam flush with the 1st floor ceiling and you will never know its there. (until it deflects and cracks your ceiling, moral of the story--get it sized by someone who can see it)
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To get anywhere near a 20' clear span you will need a huge beam. Do yourself a favor and get an engineer's opinion. Another problem with removing the center bearing partition will be what to do with the mechanicals. More than likely you will find various pipes, ducts and wires throughout the wall.

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