Remove/modify exterior wall stud?


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Remove/modify exterior wall stud?

Hi All:

I am in the process of installing a replacement fireplace (EPA certified zero clearance - Lennox Brentwood) and would like to gain clearance behind the fireplace to keep the geometry of the front wall the same. This photo shows the template of my fireplace footprint and the offending stud:

Here is the closeup:

I am considering cutting off the stud and putting in a header, trimming the offending portion off of the stud by removing 1 inch from the inside with a Saws All (would need to do this for 68 inches vertically to comply with fireplace manual regarding clearance overhead), or removing the stud and placing two studs near the old location to split the difference.

This stud does not appear to be a joining seam for the particle board exterior sheathing - which makes sense for how close it is to the corner of the house.

I will build up the floor so the fireplace can sit on the bottom plate and be level with the floor.

This is 2x6 framing if that matters.



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Pete, if your plan is to have the footprint sit along your centerline, then moving the stud would be the best idea, then cut slightly into the bottom plate. Don't remove the stud completely as it's job is to hold up your house. Just move it to the right about 3", top and bottom. If you can't get to the top, then bridge across from the two adjoining studs and install a jack at the 3" offset to maintain integrity of the wall.
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Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the wrong forum choice.

If I move it to one side by 3 inches (I have access at the top), do I need to add one where I will now have a gap of larger than 16 inches OC?

Also, should I attached the new stud to the sheathing by angling some screws into the sheathing. I am guessing this will not be very effective or worthwhile in particle board.

I was planning to put the fireplace on top of the top plate for aesthetic/design reasons with the hearth (make the fireplace a little higher), but you are right that notching would be easy also.

I want to make sure I am code compliant and the finished product will be inspected, not that the studs will be visible.

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